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India a name that conjures up countless images in the West. Exotic climates, mysterious temples and sumptuous palace. A land of myth and mystery. A continent of contrasts and the home of the most exciting food in the world. No-one is quite sure when Indian style cooking began, but it is cuisine which goes back many thousand of years and which even now is handed down largely by generation to generation.

Recently the British have shown increasing interest not only in eating Indian food but also in preparing it themselves. It has been recognised that producing authentic Indian food requires an enormous amount of time and preparation, using only the best ingredients. As knowledge of Indian food has been increased , higher standards and greater variety of dishes are demanded from amongst top quality Indian restaurants.

Shahimahal, a family run restaurant was established 1975 by the late Shazid Ali. Here at the Shahimahal, we aim to bring you the very highest quality Indian cooking, allowing you to re-live the fabled splendour of India’s glorious culinary history. We only use absolutely fresh, top quality ingredients, which are blended with exotic, fragrant pungent spices to produce wide variety of subtle flavours and taste sensations. Our chefs are highly trained, vastly experienced and renowned through out the catering industry. Each dish is cooked and prepared carefully and authentically as it would be back home.

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